Starting in 2017, ZEN BOX will be offered EVERY-OTHER MONTH. Our members were getting so many oils (3 per month plus bonuses) that they asked about changes for 2017 – and we complied.

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Rid Your Body of Toxins, Fight Infections & More

Research has shown that Essential Oils are among the strongest metabolite agents, that is, ridding the body of toxins and fighting infections. Most Essential Oils are antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antibacterial.

Essential Oils Have Super Powers®

Enjoy the Power of Essential Oils! They Bring You Great Benefits When Used Correctly, either through Aromatherapy or Topically with Carrier Oils.

Essential aroma oil

With the help of the right Essential Oil(s), you can Sleep Better, Improve Immune System, Heal Wounds or Aches, Improve Focus and Memory, Relax or Invigorate, Reduce Congestion and Much More.

That is Real Power to Tap Into with ZEN BOX!

Any Age Benefits, From Young to Baby Boomers

“Life is Not Merely Being Alive, But Being Well!” Your Secret Weapon? ZEN BOX and Essential Oils!

Do You Want Balance and Good Health in Your Life?

Essential Oils Can Help Balance Whatever is Out of Whack!  Anxiety, Restlessness, Aches & Pains, Frequent Headaches, Weak Immune System, Stress – Everyone Has Something that Needs Focus to Get Balanced and Well.


Get Your ZEN BOX!

3 New Essential Oils Each Month and a Bonus Each Quarter! Lots of Info on How to Use Them, Too! www.zenoilbox.com



Bring Balance to Body Soul & Spirit with ZEN BOX

Essential Oils help Balance the Body, Mind and Soul. They are a True Pleasure to Use.

Soul. Diagram with the 3 circles body, spirit and soul, resulting in an overlapping which is the balance area


New Essential Oils Each Month with ZEN BOX

ZEN BOX adds to your collection of Essential Oils or builds a new one. Wellness for you and your family…zenbox-website-slider-1

Aromatherapy: Combining Science and Art

Our sense of smell is the only one tied directly to the Limbic System. This is the part of the brain that controls heart rate, stress, blood pressure, memory, emotions, hormone balance and more!

Each Box Brings Surprise & Delight!

ZEN BOX Will Bring Wonderful Essential Oils and Blends Right to Your Door!

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