Diffusers, Carrier Oils, Supplies

Many ZEN BOX customers already have diffusers, carrier oils and supplies.  We list a number below if one is needed.

We now offer two great cool-mist diffusers (and might add more). 

The first, debuting in January 2017, is a modern beauty with 5 changing  LED lights – or choose to run it on just 1 light, or NO lights!   It has a larger capacity than our first design, but has the same AUTO STOP feature if water runs low.

It will be found on Amazon here, and on our Sublime Naturals store here.

We chose this diffuser for its elegant design, ease of use; it’s whisper-soft, cooling and has an auto-turn off when the water runs low. Find it here on Amazon, or here on our Sublime webstore.

diffuser on white with cord Put water & essential Oils here DSC_3521

Here are a few suggestions on Amazon of others!

Portable Aromatherapy Inhaler

1200 X 628 inhalersWe now offer a pack of 2 Portable Aromatherapy Inhalers!

These are perfect to take with you on the go, to use where you cannot diffuse, and to protect!   I use mine when travelling – great on the plane and in the airport where there are tons of airborne microbes lurking. I often inhale without bothering anyone and protect myself.  Same in public or at the movies, for instance.

These are great to use at the office or classroom, where you can’t diffuse.

Slip it in your pocket, purse, backpack or drawer!  It’s so stylish and beautiful, lightweight and easy to use!   Order here on Amazon, or here on our Sublime Naturals store.

Carrier Oils

When you make your own blends, or dilute your Essential Oils for topical applications, you do so into an organic carrier oil.

Here are a few suggestions if you do not already have you own carrier oils. ZEN BOX subscribers, watch for discount coupon codes on the Sublime Beauty Naturals oils (USDA Certified Organic Baobab Oil and Sesame Oil.)


Bottles, Portable Inhalers and More!

If you need bottles or mixing products, here are some on Amazon