Strenthen Your Immune System with Essential Oils

Strenthen Your Immune System with Essential Oils

Many of the most touted advantages of essential oils are those pertaining to anxiety, stress and relaxation. While it’s true that essential oils of all types have these calming qualities, it is also true that there are several helpful medicinal qualities as well including reducing inflammation, healing cuts or burns, or boosting the immune system.  The immune system and its many processes are an important area for good health.

Essential oils are extracted from plants, and are very concentrated and potent.  They carry the medicinal, fragrant and helpful elements. Their function, for the plants that produce them, is usually for defense against insects, bacteria and infections. Since each plant faces different adversaries in the wild, there are a wide variety of elements in each plant which humans can use for their own benefit.

Tiny Invaders

Viruses and bacteria are microbial invaders in our bodies. Once inside us they can cause all manner of illness and disease. Each essential oil has its own particular molecular makeup that can be helpful to humans in the fight against harmful microbes. They can protect us by keeping microbes from entering our bodies, fortifying the immune system, and attacking the harmful microbes after they have entered the body.

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Using Essential Oils

There are several effective ways to use essential oils to benefit your body. One is by simply diffusing it into the air. There are many choices of diffusers these day – either ionized diffusers using water & mist, or candle warming diffuser, or USB-stick powered or even rattan reed sticks in a vase.  Diffusing them in the air helps eliminate airborne bacteria and creates a nice atmosphere.
Once you have taken care of your outside environment, you can turn your attention to topical approaches for your body and immune system. Many studies have shown us that specific essential oils can prevent viruses and bacteria from permeating our skin. They can also keep harmful bacteria levels down and clear away toxins from the body.

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2 immune boostsOne of our most popular essential oil blends is Zen Immune Boost.  Each essential oil was chosen carefully to support the immune system and wellness, and they were blended in organic jojoba and sunflower oils for topical use.  

Here are the oils in the blend:

Why Chosen for this Blend:

  • It can act as an expectorant, helping to eliminate buildup of mucus & phlegm
  • It is soothing for lungs & throat
  • It holds anti-inflammatory qualities
  • It helps protect against viral and fungal infections and bacterial diseases
  • It will not hurt the good flora in the intestines
  • Growing body of research shows Oregano oil as a most potent natural remedy
  • Most importantly, it strengthens and boosts the immune system, and stimulates function of the white blood cells


Cinnamon supports a healthy immune and cardiovascular system, and is prominent in Ayurveda. It is used around the world in many treatments and disorders. Cinnamon is rich in essential minerals such as manganese, iron and calcium, while also having a high content of fiber.

Why Chosen for this Blend:

  • Blood purification.
  • Blood circulation: Cinnamon helps to improve the circulation of blood which ensures oxygen supply to the body’s cells, leading to a higher metabolic activity.


The health benefits of clove oil include its antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral and aphrodisiac properties. The oil is used for treating a variety of health disorders including toothaches, indigestion, cough, asthma, headache, stress and blood impurities.

Why Chosen for this Blend:

  • Clove essential oil is especially useful for boosting the immune system thanks to its ability to purify blood and fight viruses. Antioxidants in Clove essential oil scavenge for dangerous free radicals.


Immune boost leaningROSEMARY (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

You may know that Rosemary is very popular in the Mediterranean region as a culinary herb, which belongs to the min family (also in this family are basil, lavender and sage.)

Why Chosen for this Blend?

  • Stress Relief: It has been proven to decrease the level of cortisol in the saliva. Cortisol is one of the main stress hormones that are released during the “flight or fight” response of the body to stress. Excess cortisol in the blood that may occur due to chronic stress can wreak havoc on the body, important for overall wellness.
  • Immune System Boost: Antioxidants are some of the most valuable defensive weapons we have in our body for fighting off infection and disease, a Rosemary oil will help take out free radicals, to increase the immune system.


Frankincense Oil is extracted from resin of Frankincense or Olibanum tree, whose scientific name is Boswellia Carteri.  Frankincense has been a popular for centuries! It has been found in the remains of ancient Egyptian and Anglo-Saxon civilizations among others. It is also associated with religious activities.

Reasons Chosen for this Blend?

  • Immune System protection
  • Anti-Aging properties: it helps promote regeneration of healthy cells
  • Deals with stress and anxiety:Frankincense Oil helps bring a feeling of mental peace, tranquility and peace. Lower stress levels help the immune system.


Peppermint may be the one of the most versatile essential oils, as it can help body, health and mind with various issues.  Known for anti-nausea and soothing effects on the gastric lining, it can also reduce muscle spasms. Peppermint is a hybrid species of spearmint and water mint (Mentha aquatica)., with active ingredients menthol and menthone.

Reasons Chosen for this Blend:

  • Antioxidant powers, can help stimulate the immune system
  • Revives energy and refreshes

Lemon oilLEMON (Citrus limon)

Lemon is well-known as a cure-all, especially for colds, fevers, bacterial and viral infections.

Reasons Chosen for this Blend:

  • Ability to fight cold and flu, the properties are great for immune boosting.
  • Ability to overcome post-viral fatigue
  • Helps restore focus

EUCALYPTUS (Eucalyptus Globulus)

The health benefits of Eucalyptus oil are well-known and wide ranging, especially for sinus and respiratory applications.

Reasons Chosen for this Blend:

  • Increases blood flow.
  • Sinus clearing abilities
  • Helps with mental exhaustion: it creates a cooling and refreshing effect.
  • Effective in the treatment of stress
  • Helps the innate cell-mediated immune response

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