Versatile Lavender Essential Oil

Versatile Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is Incredibly Versatile, and a Popular Essential Oil!

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Once a person discovers the many beneficial effects of essential oils, it’s like a whole new amazing world opens up.

Each essential oil can perform many tasks, and does what your body needs most. From boosting your immune system, to calming your, helping to heal a cut or killing airborne bacteria, it’s all about your natural total wellness. Learning the many benefits and advantages of essential oils can take a lifetime.

lavender fields

Lavender Fields


There are myriad types of, and uses for essential oils, and their presence in human culture goes back centuries. A very popular and versatile essential oil today is lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). It is so versatile, in fact, that it is a very good choice with which to begin your journey into holistic oils (and many start with it).


Lavender essential oil’s most widely known beneficial effects are its relaxation qualities. Diffusing or inhaling it, or used in an oil, lotion or cream rubbed into the skin, your mind and body responds by releasing tension and calming the nerves.

When used as aromatherapy, it is burned or diffused (cold or warm vapor) and the aroma causes a calming, balanced and relaxed feeling, both physically and emotionally. Due to more stress in modern life, lavender can be put to good use to help bring down stress or anxiety levels.

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Two or three small drops in the palm of your hands, deeply inhaled, reaches the limbic system and amygdala gland, the emotional storage area of the mind, and rapidly engenders calmness.



The advantages of holistic lavender essential oil for sleep problems are well-known.  You can diffuse lavender in your bedroom at night, or put it in an organic oil and massage on the body; you can drop some on a cloth and put under your pillow, or use the cupping method before bed and inhale deeply. If you take a relaxing bath at night, use a few drops of Lavender in the water! The fragrance helps lull you to sleep.


Small abrasions and cuts, bruised skin, and rashes can all be alleviated with lavender oil. Apply a few drops directly to a cut or sting (do a patch test first, advised before an emergency).

essential oil and lavender flowers

Lavender essential oil is effective for insect bites such as bee stings. Applied immediately as it reduces swelling and itching. It can also reduce the pain of minor burns.

Likewise, lavender can help repel insects in the first place!

Small spills from hot beverages can be painful, but a quick spurt of lavender essential oil will reduce or dissipate pain, swelling and redness.

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Lavender essential oil (like most essential oils) also kills bacteria both airborne and topical. Applying it to small cuts will clean the wound and help stop bleeding.

It is quite effective to diffuse to clarify the air, and Lavender helps support your immune system


Dermatitis is a skin condition that plagues many people. It causes painfully dry and scaly skin. A few drops of lavender oil mixed with another organic oil, such as baobab, coconut or sesame oil, and applied to the skin could ease the pain of dermatitis and eczema.

Lavender essential oil could also help with dandruff. Its moisturizing qualities are so strong that just a few drops rubbed into the scalp can alleviate all traces of the condition. For best results, leave it on for at least thirty minutes. It may also take a few washes to completely remove.

Lavender is also an anti-fungal!



Lavender could help an upset stomach or nausea: place a few drops behind the ears, and massage some with an oil or cream on your stomach.

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There are many great benefits to lavender essential oils. The more you research the more amazed you’ll be. Have fun!

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